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Artistic Scholarship of Villa Decius Institute for Culture

The Artistic Scholarship is a residential program addressed to visual artists: painters, sculptors, performers, multimedia artists, and photographers who want to implement an artistic project that is related to the Polish cultural heritage, and in particular, the cultural heritage of Krakow. The scholarship covers a monthly stay in Villa Decius and the organization of an artistic event presenting the works of the scholar: an exhibition, concert, workshops or performance. The Villa Decius Institute for Culture organizes the Artistic Scholarship together with partner institutions (diplomatic and consular missions, educational establishments, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations) operating in Poland or abroad.
The program includes a monthly or two-month residential stay at Villa Decius, a stipend and reimbursement of travel expenses.
The residency period and the amount of the stipend are agreed individually with each artist.

Recruitment to the Program is continuous. Proposals (CV, project description, letter of motivation) can be sent to:

The first scholar of the program was Pierre Vallet – a French fine art photographer, who worked on his project during his stay in Villa Decius in 2020. His residency resulted in a beautiful series of black and white photographs of Krakow and Villa Decius, some of which were published last year in partnership with Austeria Publishing House under the title “A book for writing. Willa Decjusza”.

In 2022, as part of an Artistic Scholarship organized in partnership with the Consulate General of the Republic of Austria in Krakow, under the “On the Road Again” project, Villa Decius hosted Julia Goodman and Gabriele Edlbauer, artists working in duo, who are currently carrying out a project dedicated to the traditions of Galician cuisine. The result will be an artistic cook book in which Galician recipes will be connected with visual works of art.
During their stay at Villa Decius the artists prepared the culinary and artistic happening "Jappy Julia’s Crappy Cookbook. If you can’t say it with words, say it with chicken” - inspired by Galician chicken recipes:

“In order to stimulate cross-border cultural activities and reflection on today’s challenges, the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs in 2021 established, in partnership with the renowned Vienna association Künstlerhaus, the first global resident program in the history entitled “On the Road Again”. The Consulate General of Austria in Krakow is delighted to work with Villa Decius on this exciting program and is convinced that working with such an excellent local cultural institution will be a huge asset in the implementation of our projects,” - emphasized Philipp Charwath, Consul General of Austria in Krakow.
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