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Conference Centre

Villa Decius Conference Centre is a stunning renaissance palace and park complex located nearby the city centre. It's a unique space available for elegant parties and splendid banquets, which is also perfectly suitable for business meetings away from the bustling city. It provides ideal work environment during trainings, conferences, and workshops.
What sets us apart?

✅ historical, renaissance space - every room comes with its own history and relevant ambience,

✅ multiple years of experience in event planning, 

✅  location - Wola Justowska and Decius Park provide tranquility and serenity while being well-connected to the city's most important places:

7 minutes to the A4 motorway
10 minutes to Kraków Airport
15 minutes to the Main Square

Here you will find:

✅  halls for weddings and family parties

✅  conference rooms

✅  intimate and elegant rooms for business meetings

✅  halls for the organization of cultural events, such as concerts, meetings, exhibitions, workshops

✅  terrace overlooking the park

✅  parking lot

Villa Decius was built in 1535. To this day, it has retained the unforgettable ambience of the days gone by. Three renowned Italian architects contributed to its shape: Philippe Fiesole, Bernardino Zanobi, and Giovanni Cini.

Feel free to contact us!
tel. 508 688 516

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