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Intercultural Dialogue Platform

The main tasks of the Office of the Intercultural Dialogue Platform include the international popularization of scientific, documentary and creative achievements of outstanding Polish researchers, activists and authors. An important part of its activities is the implementation of programmes aimed at developing new solutions and expanding the knowledge base in the area of cultural heritage protection, as well as developing cross-border cooperation and deepening intercultural dialogue. The IDP office organizes conferences, periodic meetings, consisting in the exchange of knowledge and good practices by international expert groups, training and educational activities for the staff of culture managers in European countries. As part of the PDM Office, the VDIC co-organizes, inter alia, the Multicultural Festival - New Krakowians; runs the Heritage Laboratory - an international educational programme in the field of heritage management; and participates in a several-year project of developing postgraduate studies in protection of cultural goods in crisis and war.
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