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Protection of culture in crisis and war - Postgraduate studies

A two-year project aimed at developing a new postgraduate course from scratch. Bearing in mind that the preservation of cultural heritage is of importance to all the peoples of the world, it is extremely important to ensure that this common heritage is effectively protected, especially in an unpredictable and dynamic reality.
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Heritage management and protection

One of the fields of work of the Villa Decius Institute for Culture is the protection of monuments and broadly understood cultural goods. Conferences and expert meetings are carried out in this area, aimed at developing new solutions and expanding the state of knowledge.
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Villa Artis

Villa Artis is a series of concerts, exhibitions, outdoor performances, dance and theater performances. Villa Artis are events for the Krakow's citizens. Their goal is to create a space for audiences to actively participate in culture and to enable them to get to know Villa Decius in an innovative and non-standard formula. As a part of the series, meetings with representatives of academic and artistic circles who have contributed to the significant development of Krakow's culture are organized.
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Renaissance. Like it!

Renaissance. Like it! is a series of events promoting and disseminating history of the Villa Decius Palace and Park complex - a facility with a unique character, important for the city's history and connected with the culture of the 16th century. As a part of the cycle, it is possible to visit the historic buildings belonging to the palace and park complex Villa Decius. Renaissance. Like it! is addressed to the residents of Krakow, and to Polish and international tourists visiting our city.
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