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Cultural Heritage of Europe

The main goal of the Cultural Heritage of Europe Office is to promote the historic Villa Decius - a facility with a unique character, important for the city's history and associated with the culture of the Renaissance. The activities are aimed at the inhabitants of Krakow, as well as Polish and international tourists visiting the city. The office carries out programmes for the promotion, development and preservation of cultural heritage and contemporary art in the context of the international circulation of culture, as well as activities allowing for the interpretation of heritage in various contexts.
As part of the Villa Artis series, in cooperation with outstanding Krakow-based artists of international renown, as well as those from other countries living and developing their activities in our city, the office organizes a series of concerts, exhibitions, outdoor performances, dance and theater events.
As part of the "Reinterpretation of Heritage" programme, it offers interactive art meetings in the form of online lectures devoted to selected topics from the area of cultural heritage.
Every year, the CHE Office coordinates the Art Picnic at Villa Decius  - a series of several-day meetings with a selected country's culture and art with the participation of a given minority living in Krakow, the purpose of which is to present and familiarize Krakow residents with the cultural diversity of the city's inhabitants.
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