Villa Decius Association

Villa Decius Association is an initiative thanks to which the Renaissance palace, hidden in the park vegetation, enchants with its style again and is an inimitable place of meetings and cooperation of the people of science and authors.
The Association was established in 1995. Thanks to the efforts, passion and determination of the Association members, the damaged and neglected Villa Decius was restored to its former glory following many years of conservation works carried out and funded from various sources, including but not limited from the budget of the City of Krakow. The idea of the Association creators was to form a meeting place for the representatives of various areas of science and culture, nationalities and interests in Villa Decius in Krakow where they will be free to exchange thoughts, promoting the pluralism of ideas and tolerance in public life.

The goal pursued by the Association is openness to the interdisciplinary and multifaceted look at the role of culture in the contemporary world, the aspects of the international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage protection, problems of national minorities and promotion of tolerance.
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