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The Villa Decius Institute for Culture is a cultural institution of the City of Krakow, which started its activity in 2019. The main motto of the Villa Decius Institute for Culture, with its seat in a Renaissance palace and park complex, is: "Meeting place", and the idea behind all its activities is dialogue, openness and cooperation.
The VDIC is an institution whose innovative form allows for the continuation of programmes implemented in this place for 25 years, as well as opening up to Krakow and its residents in the area of promoting the protection of the city's cultural heritage. The aim of the Institute is to create a unique and multidimensional space for the city's inhabitants, in which high culture - rooted in tradition and of the highest artistic craftsmanship - intertwines with a modern and open view of art, science and education.

VDIC creates a space in Villa Decius where all the Krakow inhabitants (including the youngest) can discover the art and music by creators from different cultures and traditions in an unusual way. Therefore, the Villa holds large-scale international projects, educational activities and numerous artistic events such as exhibitions, debates and concerts. The Villa Decius Institute for Culture runs residency programmes for artists from all over the world, including those seeking refuge, organizing international debates and events promoting dialogue-oriented artistic activity and strengthening the multicultural potential of the city of Krakow, with a creative use of the historic place which is Villa Decius.

The staff of the Villa Decius Institute for Culture are passion-driven professionals and promoters of cultural heritage in various areas and contexts. Their projects and activities are based on combining tradition with modernity, based on an innovative and creative approach to thinking about heritage, culture and the needs of contemporary audiences. The activities of the VDIC team are carried out in four main areas: Intercultural Dialogue Platform, Artistic Residence Centre, Cultural Heritage of Europe and educational activities for children.

While conducting large-scale activities in the field of promoting culture and heritage, the Villa Decius Institute for Culture cooperates with numerous institutions of art and culture from around the world, as well as with organizations and entities operating for artists, creators and scientists on a local and international scale. The Institute is active in areas related to Krakow's membership in such organizations as the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), UNESCO's Creative Cities Network, and the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) Residential Programme, the Scholars at Risk network and the Europa Nostra network.
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