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About us

The team of the Villa Decius Institute for Culture are people with passion. Professionals and promoters of cultural heritage. Their knowledge, experience and qualifications are a guarantee of quality for every event organized by the Villa Decius Institute of Culture.

Our mission

Carrying out cultural activities, promotion and development as well as research on tangible and intangible multicultural heritage of Krakow, and the related international exchange using the potential of the Villa Decius palace and park complex.

The Villa Decius Institute for Culture is a non-artistic municipal cultural institution, whose innovative form makes it possible to continue the programmes which have been carried out in this place for 25 years and to open up to Krakow and the people of Krakow in the area of promoting the protection of the city's cultural heritage. The Institute is active in areas related to Krakow's membership in such organisations as the Organisation of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the League of Polish Cities and UNESCO Sites and the National Institute of Cultural Heritage.

The objective of the Villa Decius Institute for Culture is also to create a unique and multidimensional space for the city's inhabitants, where high culture - rooted in tradition and of the highest artistic craftsmanship - intertwines with a modern and open outlook on art, as well as to create a place where the inhabitants of Krakow will be able to discover art and music in unusual ways.

More about our programmes and projects:

Europe's Cultural Heritage:

Artists’ Residencies Centre:

Intercultural Dialogue Platform:



The Villa Decius Institute for Culture cooperates with art and cultural institutions from all over the world, as well as with organisations and entities working for the benefit of artists, creators and scientists. The principles of cooperation are in each case defined and adapted to the capabilities of the partners and the needs of the project.
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