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Karl Dedecius Prize 09.11.2023

Call for papers.
Together with Deutsches Polen-Institut e.V. we invite you to submit nominations for the Karl Dedecius Prize for Polish translators and interpreters of German-language literature and German translators and interpreters of Polish literature.

Candidates for the Karl Dedecius Prize can be submitted by publishers, authors, representatives from the industry and the interested public. Translators and translators' own submissions are also possible.
The deadline for submissions is 14.01.2024.

Applications should include:
- a short curriculum vitae;
- a list of publications;
- selected excerpts from the translator's oeuvre (approximately 20 pages of translation and original work).

Postal address:
Deutsches Polen-Institut
Residenzschloss 1
D-64283 Darmstadt

Applications can also be sent via e-mail:
Contact person: Andrzej Kałuża:

The prize, named after the doyen of German translators and translators of Polish literature and a distinguished intermediary between Poland and Germany, Karl Dedecius (1921-2016), will be awarded on 24 May 2024 in Darmstadt.
The winners - a Polish translator and a German translator - will be recognised for their outstanding translation achievements and thus for their work in promoting understanding between Poles and Germans. The prize winners (each in the amount of EUR 10,000) will be selected by an independent Polish-German chapter. The results of the competition will be announced in April 2024.

The Karl Dedecius Prize is presented every two years. From 2022, the Sparkasse Darmstadt savings bank is the new patron, while the partners are the Villa Decius in Krakow, the European College of Translators in Straelen and the Karl Dedecius Foundation at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

In 2022, the Karl Dedecius Prize was awarded to Elżbieta Kalinowska and Andreas Volk.

The patron of the award, Karl Dedecius is not only an eminent translator and visionary cultural animator and ambassador of Polish-German dialogue, but also the initiator of the renovation of the historic palace in Krakow's Wola Justowska. It was Karl Dedecius who, in 1991, put forward the idea of renovating Villa Decius and creating a "humanists' forum" there as a centre for the exchange of ideas and opinions, as well as a meeting place for different cultures, promoting pluralism and tolerance in public life.

More about Prize:

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