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International cooperation

Villa Decius Institute for Culture is a member of the following international networks: International Cities of Refuge Network ICORN and Europa Nostra network.

Europa Nostra network

Operating since 1963, Europa Nostra is a pan-European federation of non-governmental organizations dedicated to cultural heritage. The organization is supported by a number of public institutions, private contributors, and companies. It integrates 42 European countries and 5 countries outside of Europe.

In 2020, Villa Decius Institute for Culture joined the prestigious circle of organizations that operate within the Europa Nostra network. The mission of Europa Nostra is to place culture and national heritage in the center of European activities. This very idea has been driving VDIC since its foundation.

International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN)

The Residency Program of the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) aims at securing a place of refuge for writers and human rights defenders who cannot live and create freely in their own countries because of persecutions. Kraków joined ICORN network in 2011 as the first city from Central Europe and now it functions as one of over 70 Cities of Refuge. Villa Decius Institute of Culture, cooperating with Krakow Festival Office and the city council, offers two-year stay opportunities for oppressed artists that include a scholarship and a diverse program of integration with the local literary life, that an artist can engage in, together with actions aiming at promotion of their work in Poland.

The ICORN network was established in Norway in 2005. One of the network’s originators was Salman Rushdie, whose novel, The Satanic Verses, raised violent protests throughout the Islamic world. According to Rushdie’s idea, the aim of ICORN is to promote inalienable values of the freedom of speech and creation by building a network of international solidarity and co-operation. During 15 years of its activity, ICORN has found temporary places of refuge for several hundred writers, intellectuals, bloggers, and human rights activists.

More about ICORN programme and ICORN residents in Villa Decius:
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