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Privacy Policy


The privacy policy and cookies policy has been issued on the basis of applicable law, in particular, taking into account the Act of July 16, 2004 on telecommunications law (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1907, as amended) and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, hereinafter referred to as the GDPR.

1. Administrator's data:

"Website Administrator" - the Villa Decius Institute for Culture based in Krakow, ul. 28 Lipca 17A, 30-233 Krakow, a municipal cultural institution, entered into the register of cultural institutions kept by the Municipality of Krakow under number 35, NIP number 6772440713, REGON: 382172593, hereinafter referred to as the "Institute", e-mail:, phone number: 12 425 36 38.

Data Protection Officer:, tel. 12 425 36 38.

 2. Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of:

            1. concluding and performing contracts (legal basis: Article 6 item 1(b) of the GDPR);
            2. implementing the IKWD obligations provided for by law, particularly including issuing and storing invoices and accounting documents (legal basis: Article 6 item 1(c) of the GDPR);
            3. for purposes of and to the extent related to participation in projects implemented by IKWD (legal basis: Article 6 item 1(b) of the GDPR;
            4. marketing and promotion of IKWD products and services (legal basis: Article 6 item 1(a) and (f) of the GDPR);
            5. for archival (record-keeping) purposes, possible determination, investigation or defence against claims, ensuring the safety of persons and property on the basis of the IKWD's legitimate interest (legal basis: Article 6 item 1(f) of the GDPR).

3. Your personal data may be made available by IKWD to the following categories of recipients:

         1. entities authorized under generally applicable provisions;
         2. entities processing data on behalf of IKWD, i.e. entities that process data as subcontractors, on the basis of a contract and only in accordance with IKWD's instructions.

4. Your personal data will be processed for the period necessary to achieve the indicated purposes for which they were collected in accordance with the criteria set out by the law, including securing any claims until such claims expire.
The Controller may store personal data longer, but this will only be for legitimate reasons, if the law allows such storage.
In the case of processing for marketing purposes based on your consent (Article 6 item 1(a) of the GDPR), until you withdraw your consent.

5. In relation to your personal data, to the extent of and subject to the exceptions resulting from the GDPR or other legal provisions, you have the right to:

        1. require the Controller to provide access to your personal data,
        2. require the Controller to rectify your personal data,
        3. request to delete data processed unjustifiably,
        4. request the restriction of data processing,
        5. object to the processing of personal data
        6. transfer data within the scope specified in Article 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation,
        7. lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Office if you find that the processing of your personal data violates the provisions on data protection.

Providing data is voluntary, but necessary for the implementation of the above-mentioned purposes.

Information on the use of cookies

What are "cookies"?
Cookies are small text files sent by the websites you visit and stored in the users' end devices (in the browser's file directory). These files allow recognizing the user's device and displaying a website tailored to their individual preferences. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which they com, the time they are stored on the end device and a unique number.

More information about cookies can be found at

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies are used to adapt the content of websites to the user's preferences and to optimize the user experience. We use cookies to understand how users use the website and to adapt it so that the user experience is more pleasant and interesting. Cookies also provide us with statistical data on user traffic and the use of our websites. Cookies may also be used by advertisers cooperating with us (in order to present promotional content via websites) and by research companies.

Deleting cookie files

The use of "cookies" is fully voluntary. The user may block and delete "cookies" from the software they use (web browser) at any time.
Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of handling cookies available in the software settings (web browser). With regard to the most popular web browsers, the necessary information can be obtained at:

          1.       Internet Explorer:
          2.       Mozilla Firefox:
          3.       Google Chrome:
          4.       Opera:
          5.       Safari:

The privacy policy was published on June 2, 2020.
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