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Villa Artis Online 17.05.2020

A virtual arts event cycle at Villa Decius

The Villa Artis Online cycle popularises the heritage of European and Polish art in a virtual space. It introduces the silhouettes of prominent Cracovian creators of international recognition, as well as artists from other countries living and fostering their craft in our city. It presents arts events enshrouded in history and the virtues of the antique Villa Decius, simultaneously allowing the creators to come forward and speak from a personal place and to give their audiences a little taste of the various facets of culture.

The idea for the musical miniatures produced and being produced as part of the cycle was born at the peak of isolation, when less and less was ever possible and the rooms of Villa had turned abandoned. So, to these sadly spoken villa spaces comes an artist who knows this place, where he has already performed in a full room, and offers some interpretation of his own. We have carefully picked the artists to be invited to this project; each also picked a repertoire in relation to the Villa itself. A concert in an empty hall is a sort of manifesto—verbalizing the longing for an audience, for a guest.
The first episode of the Villa Artis Online cycle is devoted to the music of Frédéric Chopin and alludes to the patriotic salon arranged at Villa Decius by Princess Marcelina Czartoryska, an apprentice of the composer and a woman famous across Europe as incredibly talented and as one of the most excellent interpreters of his works. 

 The first miniature played polish pianist Izabela Jutrzenka-Trzebiatowska.
The second miniature—played on the Arab instrument oud — was prepared by Wassim Ibrahim, a New Cracovian and musician born in Damascus, who played and sung Arab songs on the background of beautiful oriental villa tiles.
The third miniconcert was played by Piotr Różański, performing left-hand piano miniatures by Frank Bridge, a British composer, violist, and conductor.
The fourth miniature was prepared by Stanisław Słowiński, who filled the villa rooms with the sounds of his “Ballada” for the violin played solo.
The next episode of the cycle involves an anniversary concert performed by Capella Cracoviensis.
As part of the cycle, the interactive word–picture–sound event “WOLNOŚĆ/FREEDOM” came into existence inspired by the oeuvre of Syrian writer Kholoud Charaf.
The next episode of the cycle involves an anniversary concert performed by Polish Soloists ensamble.
The eighth miniature was prepared by Marcin Kuźniar - guitar virtuoso.
Take a look at the dance miniature performed by the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet.
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