THE PLEBISCITE "Tastes of Multiculturalism" 15.09.2021

Let's choose the best restaurant in Krakow, run by foreigners!
Multicultural  Festival  -  New Cracovians 2021

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the ‘Tastes of Multiculturalism’ competition! The action is a plebiscite in which the inhabitants of Krakow (including the restaurateurs themselves) submit and then vote on the best restaurant *:
- run by foreigners,
- serving dishes from the countries of their origin,
- deserves a distinction for the quality, atmosphere and unique authentic taste of a given cuisine.

The award for the winning restaurant will be the production of video-promotional material that will present the restaurant and its owner. More information in the regulations of the action.

Competition schedule:

Stage I:
08/09 - 22/09/2021  – applications by e-mail: festiwal@willadecjusza.pl **

Stage II:
23/09 - 02/10/2021 -  voting via the online form (the link will be available on 23/09 at the event and on fanpages of the Villa Decius Association and Partners ).

Stage III:
10/03/2021. - settlement of the Contest

The competition aims to promote Krakow restaurants run by foreigners, show the presence of national and ethnic minorities and their contribution to the everyday life of Krakow and Krakow residents, as well as present the offer of original, multicultural restaurants in our city.

At the end of the competition, we will create a list of your favorite restaurants and, we will publish it at the "Multicultural Festival - New Cracovians 2021" event.

The competition is one of the events of the Multicultural Festival - New Cracovians 2021.

*) as restaurants, we mean both gastronomic establishments, as well as food trucks and cafes that meet the criteria listed in the regulations.

**) To register a restaurant, simply send its name and address in Krakow to the following e-mail address: festiwal@willadecjusza.pl . In the application, please provide a brief justification why this particular place deserves a distinction and specify the type of cuisine served. The organizer will contact the owner of the restaurant asking for permission to participate in the competition.

Before submitting, please read the regulations carefully.

The contest is a part of the “Multicultural Festival – New Cracovians 2021”, organized by The Villa Decius Association and Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation - the operator of the Multicultural Center in Krakow, in partnership with the Villa Decius Institute for Culture, with the financial support of the City and the Open Krakow Program.

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