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Multicultural Festival - New Cracovians 12.11.2020

Multicultural Festival - New Cracovians will take place from November 26 to December 3, 2020.
From November 26 to December 3, the celebration of multiculturalism takes place at the Villa Decius in Krakow - the New Cracovians Festival. It is an initiative that brings together people of different nationalities, cultures and religions. Getting to know one another takes place in the spirit of tolerance and cooperation, beyond the concept of boundaries and despite social distance. Krakow is an ideal place for such activities. It is here that tourists come from abroad to learn about the unique history of the city and students from around the world - to study at Krakow's universities, and many foreigners choose Krakow as a permanent place to live and work.
The restrictions brought on by the pandemic make it virtually impossible to meet other people. And today - paradoxically - the idea of a coming together takes on a new meaning and becomes a pressing need. Aware of the difficulties, we want to respond to these needs, at least partially. The Multicultural Festival - New Cracovians will take place in hybrid form: on-line workshops, discussions, lectures, but also other activities. The aim of the Festival is to strengthen the positive image of foreigners who live in Krakow, to integrate foreigners with Polish-speaking Krakow residents and to signal to those who had to leave Poland due to the pandemic that we are waiting for their return.

"Strength in solidarity" - this is the slogan that guides the program of this year's edition of the Festival. Online workshops on painting, Ukrainian embroidery and cutouts, scenarios of Krakow tour route through the eyes of foreigners, the "Multicultural Library" campaign, the "tongue twisters" challenge and support for Krakow restaurants run by foreigners will be an opportunity to meet and talk - to get to know one another and learn about each other's cultures.

Come join us!

Meetings and workshops programme:

26 November 2020, Thursday:
16:00 - Facts and myths about Siberia - lecture/discussion with Svetlana Baranova, a representative of the Centre for European Studies UJ

27 November 2020, Friday:
17.00 – lecture "A pensioner on a trip" by the traveller and blogger Mariola Wójtowicz

29 November 2020, Sunday:
10:00 – Lecture "History of artistic craftsmanship and the phenomenon of Maria Prymaczenko" - led by Zlatosława Halian, online lecture via ZOOM, in Polish.

30 November 2020, Monday:
16:00 - rafi embroidery workshops, by Diana Bogach

1 December 2020, Tuesday:
12.00 – painting workshop (oil paint), by Olha Honcharenko
17.00 - Liza Pleskachowa's experience as a New Cracovian

All workshops and meetings are to be seen online on the FB channel of Multicultural Festival:

Konsulat Generalny Niemiec w Krakowie
Konsulat Generalny Austrii w Krakowie
Konsulat Generalny Republiki Słowackiej w Krakowie
Konsulat Generalny Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki w Krakowie
Konsulat Generalny Węgier w Krakowie
Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Bułgarii w Krakowie
Konsulat Honorowy Włoch w Krakowie
Konsulat Republiki Chorwacji w Krakowie
Konsulat Republiki Indonezji w Krakowie
Konsulat Królestwa Norwegii w Krakowie
Pełnomocnik Rządu Regionalnego Kurdystanu w Polsce

Instytut Kultury Willa Decjusza, Biblioteka Kraków, Fundacja Wisławy Szymborskiej, Instytut Cervantesa w Krakowie, FestivALT, Instytut Europeistyki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Centre for European Studies Jagiellonian Univesity, Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć, Fundacja 2act,Wojciech Zabielski - przewodnik po Krakowie, Towarzystwo Polsko-Rumuńskie w Krakowie, Muzeum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej Manggha, Koło Naukowe Kulturoznawstwa UJ, CES UJ, Fundusz Rozwoju i Wsparcia Młodej Sztuki Ukraińskiej Sławy Frołowej, Accent School of Polish, Niepubliczne, Przedszkole ABC, Przedszkole nr 43 w Krakowie, Samorządowe Przedszkole nr 140

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Multicultural Festival

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