Multicultural Festival Krakow 2019 23.03.2020

Cultural events are a chance to meet. We remind those we have organized last year and constantly plan new ones.
Last autumn, from November 24th to December 1st, Villa Decius Institute for Culture had the opportunity to work with the Villa Decius Association and numerous partners in organizing the Multicultural Festival – Krakow Get Together.

The Multicultural Festival's goal was showing how beautiful and diverse Krakow is, by hosting foreigners and learning about their history. During 8 days, 76 events took place in the center of Krakow and beyond, in which over 2,500 people, 66 artists and 143 panelists took part. The opening event of the festival was a seminar at the Krakow City Hall, devoted to the subject of "Management in a multicultural city". In the following days various workshops, discussion panels and dance lessons were organized - so that each participant could find activity that interests him the most. Festival participants talked in 10 foreign languages, danced the Chinese Han dance and polish Krakowiak, took part in oriental cuisine workshops and played a city game developed especially for that occasion. During daily evening concerts organized in the Villa Decius, festival participants traveled to the farthest corners of the world, enjoying the beauty of traditional songs from different countries. Thanks to the involvement of experts during evening lectures, participants discussed topics related to multiculturalism and also analyzed the opportunities and threats related to this issue. Krakow has once again become a platform for intercultural dialogue.

We invite you to watch the summary movie and photo gallery.
Villa Decius Institute for Culture throughout the year in accordance with its statute, implements similar activities as those from the Festival program. We invite you to our Facebook, where you will also find photos and information about programs.
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