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Multicultural Festival 02.09.2021

The Multicultural Festival is a meeting of people of different nationalities, cultures and religions living in Krakow.
The Villa Decius Association and Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation - the operator of the Multicultural Center in Krakow, in partnership with the Villa Decius Institute for Culture, with the financial support of the City and the Open Krakow Program, invite all Krakow residents to celebrate together the Multicultural Festival – New Cracovians 2021.

The festival will start on 23 September 2021 and will last until 3 October.

For years, Krakow has been open to newcomers from other countries, to new cultures and traditions, and has built its cultural potential based on the newcomers’ heritage. It is no surprise then that foreign nationals chose it most often for studying, working and living. We owe a lot to the foreigners who chose to settle in Krakow to create, work, or study. As they come here from other parts of the world, the new inhabitants introduce elements of their cultures, enrich local social relations as well as inspire and open Cracovians to new experiences, cultures and traditions. The key to realizing the huge potential of the presence of foreigners is the creative partnership consisting in getting to know each other, the integration of residents, creative circles and urban groups, and the building of a common identity – the identity of the inhabitants of Krakow.

The Festival will host meetings, lectures, workshops of culinary, music and dance, themed walks, competitions and social campaigns to expand the space for partnership, openness and dialog.
Events organized with numerous partners will take place at different points in Krakow, and we invite all residents to join us.

We will announce a detailed program of the festival soon.

Join the event to stay up to date!

* In the event of a worsening of the epidemic situation in Poland, the event will be adapted to online or hybrid formats.

Stowarzyszenie Willa Decjusza
Fundacja Internationaler Bund Polska - operator Centrum Wielokulturowego w Krakowie

Instytut Kultury Willa Decjusza
Otwarty Kraków
Klub Ukraiński w Krakowie - Fundacja Zustricz
Fundacja 2Act

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