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Culture in exile 17.01.2023

We invite you to the concert and the poetry meeting.
As part of this year's 'Culture in Exile' festival, we invite you to Villa Decius for two accompanying events - a poetry evening with the Belarusian writer and poet Uladzimir Arlov on 20 January at 6 p.m. and a concert by the Free Choir from Belarus on 22 January at 12 p.m.

Together with the Foundation, we would like to invite you on 20 January at 6 p.m. to a meeting entitled 'How are books born? The psychology of creativity' with Uladzimir Arlov at Villa Decius.
During the poetry evening, the Belarusian writer Uladzimir Arlov will present his books in Belarusian, reissued in Poland by the Foundation, as well as two bilingual volumes 'Ferry across the Channel' and 'Lieutenant Pyatrovich and Ensign Duch. Ballads'.

The meeting will also be attended by the well-known Belarusian musician, composer and theatre director Raman Arlou, who will perform his father Uladzimir's favourite songs.

The meeting will be chaired by Jarosław Iwaniuk.

During the meeting at Villa Decius it will also be possible to buy Arlova's books, as well as Belarusian classics and contemporary literature, also in Polish translations.


On 22 January 2023 (Sunday) at 12.00, as part of this year's 'Culture in Exile' festival, we invite you to a concert by the Free Choir from Belarus at Villa Decius.

The Free Choir was founded in 2020 as a socio-political movement that brings together not only musicians and singers, but also engineers, economists, teachers, artists and many others who were forced to leave Belarus due to political persecution. Its members beyond the borders of their country restore its centuries-old tradition of choral culture, presenting in many places in Poland and various European countries a repertoire that includes works by Belarusian authors, often forgotten for centuries, but rediscovered by them.

Free admission to the concert, but number of seats is limited.
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