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Cultural Heritage in Action - study visit summary 05.09.2022

A three-day study visit within the framework of #CulturalHeritageInAction is behind us, in which together with the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow we had the pleasure of hosting an international group of 16 specialists: cultural managers and greenery architects coming from Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, Belgium, Greece, Scotland, Spain or Portugal, among others.
 The purpose of the visit was to exchange good practices and transfer knowledge in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable development. In the program of the visit prepared by IKWD and ZZM, the participants visited Krakow's pocket parks, where they discussed, among other things, strategies for the city to adapt empty spaces and the idea of pocket parks as a factor that binds the local community together and builds stronger ties with nature.

  During the visit to Villa Decius, participants took part in presentations aimed at introducing the activities of selected Krakow cultural institutions, their program offerings and activities undertaken during the pandemic period. Among the guests were representatives of the KBF - Ms. Joanna Broniec and the House of Utopia - International Center for Empathy. - Mr. Lukasz Trzcinski. In the second part of the day, participants went to Symbiosis - ZZM Environmental Education Center, where the activities of the Center and issues related to nature and environmental education were presented.

 On the last day of the visit, participants shared their ideas and comments on the activities of the host institutions. The numerous recommendations that flowed from the participants confirm that initiatives such as #CulturalHeritageInAction, based on the transfer of good practices and experiences, are a very effective method of development. 

  The Cultural Heritage in Action project, implemented by Eurocities, Errin (European Regions Research & Innovation Network), Europa Nostra, KEA European Affairs, Architects' Council of Europe, was launched in 2020 with the aim of networking professionals from different cities and regions in Europe.

 Through the model of direct exchanges and study visits, professionals from all over Europe have the opportunity to acquire new perspectives and the chance to share their experiences, which is expected to lead to the strengthening and expansion of cultural heritage initiatives, as well as the development of innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage assets.

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