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Mark Pajak

Scholarship holder of the Residency Programme of the Krakow City of Literature UNESCO, implemented by the Krakow Festival Office in cooperation with the Villa Decius Institute for Culture in 2018.
portrait picture of UNESCO resident Mark Pajak. A man is sitting on the low stair, a narrow city street in the background.
Mark Pajak is a poet, writer and editor from Manchester UNESCO City of Literature. His debut volume of poems – Spitting Distance was enthusiastically received in Great Britain in 2016. Publications of Marek Pająk can be found in The North magazine, New Writing North or The Poetry School, among others. In addition to writing, he is also involved in literary education – he conducts workshops in the field of creative writing in cooperation with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Listen to Mark Pajak read his poems Cat on the tracks and Reset.

See also an interview for Sheaf Poetry Festival.
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