Outdoor exhibition “Visegrad is People”

On July 4, 2021, in Krakow’s Planty Park, we opened the exhibition “Visegrad is people”, which was created on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Visegrad Group.

The idea of the exhibition is to present people involved in V4 cooperation – their achievements, successes, activities, but also the challenges, opportunities and difficulties they face. The exhibition, divided into several thematic areas, such as history, culture, people, cross-border cooperation, education, aspects of innovation and solidarity, aims to highlight the role of the V4 community at different levels and show the strength of international cooperation on a local and global scale.

The exhibition is presented on Planty (between Poselska Street and Wawel) on July 1-31, 2021.

The official opening of the exhibition took place as part of the Art Picnic at Villa Decius. Visegrad Days.

photo by Paweł Mazur

photo by Paweł Mazur

photo by Paweł Mazur 


Instytut Kultury Willa Decjusza

Stowarzyszenie Willa Decjusza


 International Visegrad Fund

Magyarország Főkonzulátusa Krakkó / Konsulat Generalny Węgier w Krakowie

Ambasada Węgier / Varsói Magyar Nagykövetség

Węgierski Instytut Kultury Warszawa – Magyar Kulturális Intézet Varsó

Szépírók Társasága


Węgiersko-Polski Program Współpracy Pozarządowej

Honorary Patronage - Witold Kozłowski, Marshal of the Małopolskie Voivodship

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