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Solidarity Days at Villa Decius
On 3-4 June 2023, the second edition of the event 'Culture in Exile.  Solidarity Days at Villa Decius'.

The Villa Decius Institute for Culture regularly organises events to promote the cultural diversity of our city. The Villa, for centuries famous as a meeting place and dialogue between different cultures and traditions, but also as a space where artists met in a patriotic salon, has for 26 years, under the auspices of the Municipality of Krakow, created an important point on the cultural map of Central and Eastern Europe and a safe place for artists seeking refuge from war or persecution in their countries of origin. Recently, we have devoted a particularly large amount of space to helping our friends from Ukraine, while not neglecting the relations and programmes with other international partners.

Culture in Exile. Solidarity Days at Villa Decius is our response to the difficult situation of the democratic opposition in Belarus and the deepening crisis of democratic values and civil liberties in that country. With the memory of the figures and efforts of Polish cultural creators in exile in mind, we invite Belarusians - victims of political oppression who were forced to emigrate from their homeland to find a new place to live and work creatively - to join the conversation.

By organising the event Culture in Exile we want to show that building a community is as much about heartfelt coexistence as it is about being open to other voices and traditions, being curious about the culture of our neighbours - the New Cracovians, being willing to learn something from them, as well as learning something about themselves and, incidentally, about each of us.

Culture in Exile. Solidarity Days at Villa Decius is an artistic and literary event with many participants and guests from Poland and Belarus, during which debates, literary meetings, concerts and exhibitions will be held.

The two-day event will include the opening of the exhibition 'Engagement with the Sea' by the Belarussian artist Maria Elena Bonet, a concert by the Ethnographic Choir and the presentation of a book about Ales Bialiatski, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize among others.

A detailed programme is available at the link:
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