Virtual exhibition 31.12.2021

Visit the virtual exhibition "Inspiration" by Krzysztof Skórczewski
The exhibition "Inspirations" of copper engravings organized by the Villa Decius Institute for Culture from 17th October to 5th December 2021 displayed the works of the Krakow-based artist Krzysztof Skórczewski, the most prominent Polish copperplate engraver.

Now you can visit the astonishing exhibition online on our website:

[Site-specific / Atelier Krzysztofa Skórczewskiego]

Initially, Krzysztof Skórczewski created linocuts, cycles of paintings, such as pastels and watercolors, and drawings. However, since 1976 he remained most faithful to one technique: chalcography. The exhibition displays only his copper engravings, because it is the stylus and the copperplate that provided him with a wider range of artistic measures than any other graphic technique and the possibility of the fullest expression. Chalcography is also the closest technique to the artistic temperament of Krzysztof Skórczewski and to his metaphorical and fanciful concept of the world. Places visited by the artist over many years became inspirations for his engravings. In some cases, an idea for a new artwork would emerge a long time after the journey. The title of the exhibition refers precisely to those sources of inspiration: architecture, landscape, journeys, but also nature and poetry. The artist's works represent themes related to particular places, but also undefined visions: imaginary "stone cities", "hanging gardens", vedute - born out of the need to create interesting, surprising forms, penetrating new possibilities of reshaping the space, often in the form of play with an unknown landscape-labyrinth, rather than from the need to immortalize a particular travel memory. He is the most outstanding artist in Poland who practices the so-called pure copperplate. Working for more than 40 years in this technique, he created over 230 pieces gathered in different cycles, such as: "The Tower of Babel", "The Construction of the Ark", "Dolls", and "Gardens".

More about the exhibition and the artist:
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