Between words – between nations 14.09.2021

An exhibition for the 100th anniversary of Karl Dedecius's birth
Between words – between nations
An exhibition for the 100th anniversary of Karl Dedecius's birth

This year Karl Dedecius – a committed ambassador of cultural dialogue between Poland and Germany – would celebrate his 100th birthday. Villa Decius Institute for Culture celebrates this anniversary to commemorate not only a brilliant translator and visionary cultural manager, but also an initiator of renovating the historic palace in Wola Justowska in Krakow. It was Karl Dedecius who in 1991 brought up the idea of renovating Villa Decius and turning it into a "humanist forum" which would be a center for exchanging thoughts and opinions, as well as a meeting spot for different cultures, promoting pluralism and tolerance in public life. 

As part of Year of Karl Dedecius commemoration, an exhibition titled "Karl Dedecius. Between words - between nations" will be held at Villa Decius, and the vernissage will take place on Friday 24.09.2021 at 5:00 p.m. 

The opening of the exhibition will be honored by dr Andrzej Kałuża's speech (German-Poland Institute in Darmstadt), presenting the life of Karl Dedecius, and the presentation of an anniversary album "Karl Dedecius. Inter verba – inter gentes" with a commentary from its authors: dr Ilona Czechowska (Karl Dedecius Foundation) and dr Ernest Kuczyński (University of Łódź). Curatorial tour around the exhibition is also included in the program.

Join us in the celebration of this anniversary!

The exhibition at Villa Decius will be open until 10th October.

Karl Dedecius Foundation
Karl Dedecius's Archives
European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)
Collegium Polonicum
University of Łódź

The event forms part of the Multicultural Festival – New Cracovians 2021
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