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Łaski House

Next to Villa Decius, there is the Łaski House, a 17th-century outbuilding of the palace. It includes guest rooms and the Blue Room. The hall has a barrel-cross vault covered with stucco and fresco decorations. It leads to a small terrace with a view of the Decius Park and the Gothic garden.

Blue Room

Blue Room rental:

LOW SEASON (November-April):
up to 4 hours PLN 850
up to 10 hours PLN 1 200

HIGH SEASON (May-October):
up to 4 hours PLN 900
up to 10 hours PLN 1 300

Feel free to contact us!
tel. 508 688 516

We also invite to a virtual walk through Villa Decius:

By organizing events at the Conference Center, you become the Patron of Villa Decius in support of its educational and cultural projects.
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