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Detective walks for children

May Day - weekend bank holiday in May dedective walk - history treasure hunt.

Ukrainian-speaking children are invited to a detective walk at Villa Decius.

During the renovation of the tower of St. Mary's Church in Krakow, a mysterious hiding place was accidentally discovered. In it were hidden strange old documents. Written in an incomprehensible language, soiled and practically impossible to read. They bear the name of Jost Decius, a 16th-century multimillionaire, banker to King Sigismund the Old and owner of a luxurious villa near Krakow. What do the old documents refer to? Why did someone go to so much trouble to hide them so meticulously? Is the key to solving the mystery Jost's fabulous wealth?

We warmly invite children aged 7-10 to play together and discover the secrets of Villa Decius. Together with a Ukrainian-speaking animator, the children will take part in a game during which they will visit the beautiful suburban Villa of the 16th century Cracovian financier, explore its nooks and crannies, and (perhaps!) decipher a message that apparently never made it into the hands of the heirs of his fortune.....

The game will take place in the interiors. Start: the Main Hall on the ground floor of Villa Decius, 11.00 a.m. Children aged 7-10 are invited to take part in the walk.

Participation in the walk is free of charge. Number of places limited. Participation possible upon registration:
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